Now that winter is approaching, it’s a good time to do an external examination of your rental property to look for any signs of potential problems that the bad weather may bring.
At this time of year, gutters can become clogged up with falling leaves, especially in the leafy suburbs of Plymouth where we are blessed with lots of trees. Check that gutters are clear and free from debris and that the joints are not leaking, and check that the downpipes are secure and can drain the rainwater down a gully or away from the house.
Water coming down the walls of your house due to damaged or blocked gutters can, over time, seep through the walls and will appear as damp patches on internal walls destroying plaster and internal decoration, which is both expensive and disruptive to repair.

Also, check the roof for any signs of slipped or broken tiles, best done with binoculars, and check the ridge tiles and hips and that any valleys and flashings are in good order.
Any problems should be dealt with immediately as rainwater coming through the roof will damage ceilings and timbers below, another expensive problem that can be minimised by early action.

If you or your letting agent can’t do it I suggest you get your local roofer to do it. If you’re apprehensive about contacting roofers direct, I’ll be happy to put you in touch with the trusted and reliable companies that we use ourselves.

Of course, if we manage your property, these checks are carried out regularly as part of the service we offer as your Managing Agent!

Paul King.