Property Management Company or Letting Agent?
What’s the difference? Letting agents like new tenants! They make money from you every time they change your tenants. They charge you fees for renewing the tenancy agreement, they charge you for carrying out another inventory and they charge the tenants a fee for finding them your property to rent!
Tenant fees are soon to be banned, so how will letting agents make up this shortfall in income? They will have to charge you – the landlord – higher fees!
We are a property management company, not a letting agent. Our focus is on looking after your rental property so you achieve maximum profit from it. We like tenants to stay for as long as possible, it makes our life easier and reduces costs for you, thereby increasing your profit.
Letting agents are great for finding tenants, they are experts in their local market and we sometimes use them to find tenants for us, but as property managers we know about buildings, repairs, finance, how to spot a good buy-to-let, tenant management etc…
If you want to maximise the financial return you get from your rental property, choose a property management company, there is no conflict of interest, you – the landlord – are our customers and we work hard to make your rental business profitable.